Very weird timeout problem


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Here is a very interesting problem that I've encountered on my first attempt at using CrystalControl 1.06.

I am a new user and just installed my 634 unit yesterday. The problem that I am experiencing is that whenever I use the CrystalControl software it times out for 21 seconds, every 45 seconds. I know it sounds weird, but that is exactly what it does. The software will just sit there in a hung state for 21 seconds and then come back to a usable state for 45 seconds. This is also the case for my 634 display (sort of figured as much) - while the software is in its 'hung' state, the display will not update (pretty much how I determined the 21/45 timings).

I did some minor troubleshooting and determined that it was in fact the CC software by uninstalling the 634 display drivers and running the CC software with a simulated display - it produced the same exact results.

I am currently running a Win2k3 Server box with dual 3GHz Xeon procs and 2GB RAM. My system is very streamlined and I keep it running as clean as possible. I've even tried running the CC software in a couple of different compatibility modes - thinking that it might be a quirk with Win2k3 Server. Although the display shows me that it thinks it is running in a version of Win98 or WinXP, the result is the exact same - 21 second timeout, every 45 seconds.

Please let me know your thoughts and any further troubleshooting techniques I should use.
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CF Mark

Hmmm, that's a weird one.

But I'm guessing it's because CrystalControl 1 doesn't like SMP machines very much.

I could never work out what was causing the problem :(

CrystalControl 1 isn't being actively maintained anymore, so unfortunatly you'll have to wait for the release of CrystalControl 2.