Version 2 Release!

Do you want to have a peek at what's coming, even if it's not done yet?

  • Hell yeah! Please let us have a look at what you've got so far!

    Votes: 9 52.9%
  • Nah, if it's not done yet I'll just wait!

    Votes: 8 47.1%

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Hi Guys!

Did I get your attention with that subject? Thought so... ;)

sorry, this is NOT a post telling you that v2 has been released (will it ever be?). Instead there's something I want to say about all this v2-hysteria...

I've been reading this forum for quite some time now. I own two displays myself and I am more or less happy with CrystalControl (v1).

However, no program is perfect, so of course people have come to this forum to post their questions and problems.

But for....what, 6 months?... now the standard (and most of the time the ONLY) answer to all sorts of questions, problems, bug reports, software limitations and feature requests has been

"Version 2 will have it, 'cause it's entirely new and just plain cool, so be patient!"

Well, I've been sitting here waiting for that cool program for something like half a year now! My suggestion is:


a: Release it! I don't care wether it's buggy or looks awful because the one-click-installer is not ready yet, if it can solve my problem I want to have it!


b: start making constructive suggestions on how to fix bugs and accomplish things with v1! I know it's old, but as it seems we'll still have to live with what we've got for a considerable amount of time, even IF v2 is "on the way", so maybe we should look for alternative solutions to our problems instead of waiting another 6 months for that mysterious VERSION 2, which will solve all our problems and even be able to control our coffee machine and get our toast ready in the morning!

I'm not asking you to release a fully operational retail version! If it's not ready for retail yet then so be it, but give us SOMETHING! Mark it as a pre-beta and include a warning that this version will shoot down the installed OS for good if used incorrectly, I don't care, but show us what we are waiting for!

just my 10 cent's worth...
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If i released it now, none of you would use it as its too difficult to setup.... just ask the beta testers.


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well, in that case I want to have it, which brings us back to post 1 :) (well, in parts)

I'm what you could call a computer masochist! I enjoy trying to get things to work that usually don't work, because when it comes to implementing something new in my system I normally just don't take no for an answer!
I mean, I've got 2 raid controllers and 3 soundcards happily cooperating with each other in my computer (which according to Creative's Tech-support is "impossible because of the basic structure of the PCI subsystem" (yeah, whatever)), and that wasn't exactly plug&play, so if there's any chance this tool will fire up my displays the way I want to, then I want to try it, no matter what! :)

Is there any way I can get a copy of the alpha/beta/whatever state of development it is in?
As you might have already noticed I've got tons of hardware in my system, so I might even be able to do some compatibility-testing for you if you want...

smile, it's a wonderful world!


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i'll put my hand up to help test the beta..

I eat complicated & difficult software for brunch (I eat cerial & toast for breakfast, and im not gunna change that for anyone!) :D


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while you are waiting for v2, check on jalcd:

this is by far the best software out there; although, I am looking forward to seeing v2. If you register on the web site, you will be able to download others users setup files which are extremely helpful when learning how to make jalcd work.

Good luck and I hope to see v2 out soon --