using crystal control with a 16 x 1 display


New member
Im after some technical assistance. I have hand made my interface with the lcd i bought from Crystal fonts but am using your software with it crystal control which works but it is not using the full screen were if I use lcdCenter it uses the full screen. Can your any one help me as to what im doing wrong. I am using the HD44780 Generic driver for the display. The display is a 16 *1 standard display. I have also down loaded and checked the program to check the display and it displays the whole message on the screen so i think it might be a software or driver problem. Can any one help me?
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CF Mark

Yeh, there is known problem with how CrystalControl displays to small HD44780 displays.
Ill try and get it fixed soon.

CF Tech

> When will yourselves be solving this problem?

We will try to get it solved eventually, but since we do not recommend using those displays in PCs it is not a high-priority item.