Using Crystal Control on a different port address


New member
My parallel port (that i am using for my lcd) runs on a different io address range than normal

mine runs on B400

standards are:

Crystal control only lets you choose the standard ones.
As there is no other lcd software that even comes close to Crystal Control, my lcd is less useful than a 486 trying to run windows xp professional!

I posted a similar message to this a while a go
Crystal Control v0.99 was out at the time

The person who wrote the software said he would put custom port addresses into the next version

it has been 4 versions since then

does anyone have any idea how i can make crystal control run on io port address B400 or have a made the guy(s) who make Crystal Control feel sorry enough for me to put this in the next version?

anyone who can help, it will be most appreiated

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