Usb Lcd (634 Usb Lcd)


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I'm new to electronics and I have a simple question. I was looking at the 634 USB LCD and on the image I could clearly see a serial port, but where is the USB port? This is the backview image I'm referring to:
Will any soldering or additional parts be involved in order to connect the display to a USB port on a computer? Also, I saw a C source code file that is available for download. If I connect the LCD to a serial port on my computer and compile and execute the source code (after installing the driver) will I be able to write the test message to the LCD?

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The 634 is available in a serial version OR a USB version. If you move the mouse curser over the pix you are referring to, the USB sub-board becomes highlighted. Depending on which version you desire, you will need to order a corresponding cable that will plug into the back of the display. No soldering required.

I assume the SW you are referring to is Wintest? It is available in an executable, also. Yes, you can use this SW to write text to the display. Just remember, it is mostly for testing the displays, hence the name: Wintest.

If you use the USB version, you will have to install drivers. I do not use the serial versions, but I do not believe that there are any special drivers for them. Someone please correct me if I wrong.