usb 634/win98/winamp/software


New member
drivers loaded just fine in win98
virt usb (com4) in system aok, no confl/excl marks
read forums, tried ALL software & links, no go
read forums again, retried everything, still no luck
i am pretty certain it's something to do w/ that
virtual comport that the driver installs, yes/no?

upon boot, crystal fontz sample display shows up
so, we know the device works and is getting info

if anyone is running a 634 usb lcd, w/ winamp and
you are getting the tags to display, i would be quite
appreciative of how & what software you are using
and any custom settings in winamp 2.8/win98. i've
been through everything and now that i've exhausted
all the info in the forums, winamp and mp3car links, it's
time for the experts, any ideas/questions/comments
would be sick. i've got virtual displays no prob, so it's
got to be some tricky comport stuff. thx in advance
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