USB 634 problem


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Hey I have a newbie question hooking up my display. I can't get Windows XP to recognize the device even though I'm following the instruction from the site closely, so I'm probably doing something wrong with the actual connection.

On my little motherboard schematic there's a spot for 4 USB connections which is where I'm connecting the disp... the layout of the pins is labeled like this:
   VCC [] [] VCC
DATA0- [] [] DATA1-
DATA0+ [] [] DATA1+
   GND [] [] GND
   KEY [] [] NC
So my assumption was that the relevant pins are those first four virtically, with d- and d+ connected to their corresponding -/+ and GND being ground and VCC connected to whatever that last one is. But obviously maybe not. Oh and now that I look at it I'm useing the last USB position, which is 4 I guess (there are two full sets like the layout above). What am I doing wrong here???

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They should be connected like this:

   VCC [[b]A[/b]] [ ] VCC
DATA0- [[b]B[/b]] [ ] DATA1-
DATA0+ [[b]C[/b]] [ ] DATA1+
   GND [[b]D[/b]] [ ] GND
   KEY [ ] [ ] NC
Where A, B, C & D are:

A = +5v (red)
B = - D (white)
C = + D (green)
D = GROUND (black)



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Yes I did and no it did not show up in any windows hardware installer wizard or mannager.

FYI I'm installing this on a computer I put together myself, but I'm a newbie and this is the first time I've done that, so if there's anything about setting up USB support on a new computer or that sort of thing I might have overlooked please mention it.

CF Tech

Check your motherboard manual to make sure all the USB ports are enabled in the BIOS setup.

Also make sure you loaded the motherboard drivers from the CD that came with the motherboard, those may have something to do with enabling the USB ports.

If nothing along those lines works, try taking the display to a buddy's computer, or we can issue an RMA to you and check out the display on this end.