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USB 632 on win 64bit?


New member
ok I have a USB 632 that I want to use on my gamer..

the OS is Win XP 64bit

can some one please direct me to the right driver?

I would liek to use aCF driver not some outside program...

please help!!!! thanks!
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New member
R2154 64 zip is a beta driver I used in XP x64 very successfully. No problems at all. First install the driver with no module attached, then install the module. You will see Windows appears to find the com port twice, this is once for the module and once for the virtual port, just point it to the drivers you have installed on your computer. Mine was in the path C:\Crystalfontz after driver install. Install CC2, then add the module on the right com port to CC2, load in some screens and away you go.


Here is my original XP x64 article, please post your results there, so people know it can be done-twice hopefully.




New member
OK, just make a folder called CrystalFontz in the C: root, so the full path will be....


Extract the drivers to the folder and plug in the LCD module, when it asks where the drivers are point it to this folder and contents, you may need to point it to them twice, Windows isn`t as clever as it would have you believe!