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I've gone and ordered the wrong LCD! :mad:
I ordered the CFAG12864B-WGH-N instead of the one with the negative voltage generator built in! :eek:
I have found this: http://www.maplin.co.uk/products/module.asp?CartID=040827142422293&moduleno=17846 is it the correct item for this LCD?
If so, is there anything else I will need, and how do I hook it up ?

Lastly, I presume this is the negative voltage generator?
as its not present on my LCD. Is it possible to get the chip and solder it onto the board, or are there other items missing too ??

I understand that these LCD's aren't supported, but I could really do with some help on this one :p

Many Thanks

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It looks like you've got it figured out. Judging by the photos of the backs of the modules (on the Crystalfontz site), the only difference between the versions is the missing SO8 package. The capacitors seem to be there, so all you should need is the chip. Can't tell in the images what that chip part number actually is, but a 7660 or compatible would seem to be the right part, judging by the data sheet spec for the negative voltage.
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Beware, though, the part shown on the page in your link is a "DIL" package. You need a SO8 package, so that won't do. Being in the USA, I can't steer you to a local source for the SO8 version.