Urgent: HELP CFAG160160B LCDG


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I am a student at University of Texas working in the final stages of Senior Project. The hardware department gave me this CFAG160160B LCDG to work with. However, all that was given to me was the CFAG160160B LCDG bare module. No cables, no power source, no serials, not even the name of the LCD.
Furthermore, I am using an ATMEGA 32 microcontroller to calculate various variables and display it. Since I only have the LCD module I need to find how to get the cables to connect the module to the PC for testing, programming, and finally to connect the microcontroller and the GLCD CFAG160160B together.
I guess I can start with this
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First thing to do is download the data sheet, and read it over. It will tell you almost everything you need to know:

The display uses a 5V supply, even if your cpu runs at 3.3V. There are no "cables" available, you have to fabricate your own wiring, and keep it short as practical, not longer than 12".
On pages 7 & 8 of the datasheet is the list of signals/pin connections. On your cpu, pick an 8 bit I/O port to use as a data bus, and wire that to DB0~7 (pins 11~18). Pick another I/O port and use 5 pins for the control signals (RW, E, CS, RS, and RESET), the choice of bit assignments on the control signal I/O is arbitrary.

What language will you be programming in?

Connect the backlight A terminal thru a 1.8 ohm 1/4W resistor to 5V. Terminal K to ground.
Connect a 10K or 20K pot as shown from 5V to Vee (pin 20), wiper to Vo (pin 4).

Once I know more about your project, I can suggest sample code for you. BTW, do not try to connect this display directly to a PC, that will lead to trouble. Control it only from your Atmel cpu, running code that you've downloaded to it.