Urgent big problem with Seiko M4024


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I got one handcontrol that is broken to an robot.
The old lcd screen i an Seiko M4024 rev.K.
And I replace it with a new Seiko M4024 rev.B.
But the screen dosen't start up.
Normaly then i connect the old screen the first and third row starts up. But not on the new screen (rev.B).
If I take onle the glas from the old screen and put it on new lcd card i got picture.
But it's not working if I take the glas from the new lcd board and put it on the old board. (Strange...)
I tried to change the contrast but without results.

Anyone that know what the differenses could be between the rev.b and rev.k ??

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CF Support2


It sounds like there is difference in the contrast voltage. I did find a data sheet for the module, but it was free of any revision information. The contrast voltage was a range from 3v to 6v (listed as Vdd - Vlc). Is the glass from old unit damaged? If not, I would to ahead and use that since you have it up and running.