unipac ?xo vision 16:9 7" tft monitor?


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I found just the lcd part of the flip down in the junk yard and I don't know how to hook it up. it has a 8 pin wire coming out of it colors are red-black-purple-yellow[black-yellow]-white[black-white] and it is a unipac lcd, number on the controller is fn070u12 and numbers on the lcd are 59.07a02.005 and 2 08 31 04. I can not find any info on this
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Unipac appears to be an OEM manufacturer of TFT displays for use in laptops and video systems. Without an actual part number, finding any information is going to be difficult. I found about 300 part numbers that were 7" 16:9 panels made by Unipac at various sites.