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I am thinking of getting this LCD, i was going to get one from crystal fontz. But im in the UK and there in the US.

The cost in total will be about the same tho. Including postage from a supplier in the UK and postage from crystalfontz in the US

UK: £28
US: £30

Anyway basically am i best gettin the crystalfontz one anyway... becauce many people have worked with them, maybe if i get stuck they can lend me a hand in the forums. (Yes i know about the policy :) )

Long story short : Crystal fontz or UK supplier?

Below is pinout of the LCD from UK - i am told it is HD44780 compatable.

Thanks again.

Pin No. Symbol Level Description
1| |VSS| |0V| |Ground|
2| |VDD| |5.0V| |Supply Voltage for logic|
3| |VO| |(Variable)| Operating voltage for LCD
4| |RS| |H/L| |H: DATA, L: Instruction code|
5| |R/W| |H/L| |H: Read(MPU->Module) L:| Write (MPU->Module)
6| |E| |H,H| |Chip enable signal|
7| |DB0| |H/L| |Data bit 0|
8| |DB1| |H/L| |Data bit 1|
9| |DB2| |H/L| |Data bit 2|
10| |DB3| |H/L| |Data bit 3|
11| |DB4| |H/L| |Data bit 4|
12| |DB5| |H/L| |Data bit 5|
13| |DB6| |H/L| |Data bit 6|
14| |DB7| |H/L| |Data bit 7|
15| |A| |__| |LED +|
16 K |__| |LED - |
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