Trouble displaying HD/Mem values above 1000


New member

I just bought an 631 LCD from you delivered yesterday.
After testing it with WinTest_631 og played a little with
it in CrystalControl.

The problem i found was that, instead of showing my
total memory as 1,024 (mb) as it should was
1(insert one garbage character here)024. I think it was a @ or
somethink like it. Which is kinda funny, since I haven't been
able to display @ as a plain character yet.
The same applied to HD space between every 1000.

My setup is:
Shuttle SB75G2 (i875 chipset)
2x512mb OCZ PC-3500 Platinum @ 2-3-2-6
2x120gb Seagate 7200.7
NEC ND-2500A
WindowsXP Pro + SP1 (english w/ norwegian localization)
CrystalControl 1.04
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