Touchscreen TFT


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Looking to build a watch with applications similar to that of a phone, except stylish actually. Does anyone know of a good place where I can find a TFT touchscreen and a website to print out pcbs or on how to make pcbs?
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Here is one low-cost PCB house, that has free electrical CAD software:

Here is a "watch size" color display:

Touchscreens can be made for almost any display. Tooling is generally $US1500 to $US3000. Per unit cost is reasonable, related to size. Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is typically 1000 to 2000 pieces per order.

Here is a large watch size project, that will have many common challenges to your project:

Here is are some watches that control phones:

You might have trouble getting the phone, battery, display, radio and antenna all in a case small enough to fit on a wrist.