TouchScreen Kit


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Hey has anyone already done or want a touch screen kit that they could add to their Crystalfontz display? I was researching it, to see what it would take. So far it wouldn't take much for a USB touch screen add-on for the current Crystal Fontz displays (20x4)ones like the 634.

For those who would want push buttons:
I think you could use the joystick connector on the back of the computer. Or a USB connector, like a gamepad does.

Any ideas?

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a touchscreen on that small of a module would be bad for people with average or bigger fingers. small fingered people would be OK, but other than that, the characters are too small.

as for the external buttons, yes that will work completly. using a program called Girder , you can hook up pretty much any input device and make it so that any button press, etc, would trigger any event in windows or another program.