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Hi Everyone!

Makes you wonder,when a toshiba,unable to to put a person on the phone,to answer this Q:
will my 26"LCD tv work on 120V 50Hz as god as on 120V 60Hz if it marked for 60Hz on the back?
I would like to find this out before I drag it to overseas.
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(warning . . . I do not claim to be an expert on this subject)

I would guess that any modern power supply would be tolerant for both 50Hz and 60Hz.

However, concerning analog TV, the US uses NTSC, and there are other countries that use PAL. A TV designed for NTSC in general will not work with PAL.

With TVs switching to digital, that may not be an issue, but I certainly do not know for sure.

I think the best approach would be to wait until you are overseas before you purchase a TV. Or have someone there go to a local shop and give you some model numbers of models known to work there, so you cna see if those models also work here.


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I was stupid because I could buy the same model with universal power option,for 60.00 dollars extra from a company specialized for 220V and multi system units.I need it for DVD[which is code free multi] and games for the kids.
I was also reasoning with the power supply theory to Toshiba, but over an hour on the phone could not get me an answer.I just don't want to end up with lines running on the screen,or distorted picture.