TG 136511 132 x 64 on SED1565


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I have 3 pcs of TG 136511 132 x 64 on SED1565.

I have problems with initialize them. I have tried example of initialization at:
but nothings help.

First of all this display don't have RST pin so my initialization is whit out it.

Product page:

Datasheet connection:

I have connected like it is on diagram (pot. 1M ohm)


Before initialization on pin V5 i have 3.24V and after 3.20V

I have checked wiring 10 times and everything is ok but i cannot initialize it.

Help plz :)
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The voltage at V5 is not correct. It should be around -6 to -9 volts, which will allow a voltage of about -5 for VR, to get good contrast. This is assuming that the SED1565 charge pump feature is being used to generate the negative voltage, but the data sheet does not indicate what the charge pump wiring configuration is.

I think your initialization sequence is not right, and the voltage converter charge pumps are not being activated. You can look in the sample C code file in this post where there is SED1565 init values. I know these values work for the Optrex F-51320, they also work for the Samsung chip in the CFAX12864 displays. But that code is designed for a certain configuration. You can see there are several possible voltage converter configurations if you look at the SED1565 data sheet. Are there any capacitors on the circuit board or flex tail of your display?

Maybe you should post your init code.

P.S. I just noticed that your reference is to an old thread that I posted in, so that code is very similar to my sample.


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Today i have checked connection on circuit board and it's "4 x step-up voltage circuit"
Note from data sheet:
"When the voltage regulator internal resistor is not used. (Example where VSS2 = VSS, with 4x step-up)"
So i think that "Power Controller Set" have to be set to: $2D
But even with this its not working.

Here its my init code:
All is connected to parallel port:
RD - Strobe (Pin 1)
CS1 - Init. printer (Pin 16)
A0 - Select input (Pin 17)
WR - is connected to GND

It's written in Delphi, i have used example from your code but still nothings happens:
(Func. Out32() is writing directly to parallel port)

Out32(Control, $01); // RD-1 CS1-0 A0-0
Out32(Data, $E2); // soft reset
Out32(Data, $A1); // normal column dir
Out32(Data, $C0); // normal common mode
Out32(Data, $A2); // bias setting
Out32(Data, $A6); // normal video
Out32(Data, $26); // resistor ratio set
Out32(Data, $81); // set evolume
Out32(Data, $20); // arbitrary initial contrast
Out32(Data, $2C); // charge pumps on
Out32(Data, $2D); // follower on - i have changed this to start without "Voltage regulator circuit"
Out32(Data, $AF); // display on
Out32(Data, $40); // set starting line
Out32(Data, $B0); // set page 0
Out32(Data, $10); //coll
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WR - is connected to GND
I think this is the main reason that your display is not working. This pin must not be tied to ground. The /WR signal must be dynamically strobed for each write action, since the write occurs on the trailing edge of the strobe. It appears that the SED1565 is wired to 8080 mode.

So /RD and /WR are both normally high. Unless you have more than one display on the data bus, the CS can be tied low, and not dynamically switched.

Write sequence:
set A0 to desired state
output data on the bus pins
take the /WR signal low
delay for >500 nS
take the /WR signal high
delay for >500 nS (to make sure next write is not too soon)

Let us know if this solves your problem; you should see the V5 pin go to about -9 to -12 volts. The init values look approximately correct.


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First of all thx for your help :)

First problem was /RW :)
Second i was thinking that A0,RD and RW at beginning are low but they are high :eek:

Now everything works fine as you can see on pic :)

BTW. V5 is giving me from about 4V to 5,2V but best contrast is at 4,22V