temp sensors for 631 & 632 ?


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I can't imagine that LCD's would be developed that don't allow for connection of temp sensors. However, I could only find on your site a temp sensor for the 633.

Do the 631 or 632 displays have connections for temp sensors?
If not, I may have to go with Matrix Orbital. :(
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CF Tech

The CFA-632 will not support temp sensors.

We will announce a product that will enable adding temperature esnsors to the CFA-631 in about mid-February.

The CFA-633 supports them now.


techtvman said:
its about mid february now, any closer to releasing it?
While I can not speak for Crystalfontz regarding product release dates, I can say that I have been testing one for them for about a month or so. They do a superb job of controlling fans. I currently have 10 fans hooked up to it without any problems.

I believe that is possible that Crystalfontz is waiting for the CC2 GUI plugin for this board. I believe that it will be significantly easier to configure with the GUI than having to modify .ini files directly.

While I am sure you have heard the line "please be patient" before, that is about all I can say, also. Believe me tho, it is a very nice add-on to a Crystalfonz 631. I sincerely believe that your patience will be rewarded, once it is released.