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I have read and reviewed I trust most posts in this forum about the temp probes, and it raises some questions and a need for clarifications ~ so here we go:

Considering that these probes are in chain environment, and understanding that each probe as a unique serial number which the controller reads in order to report it's data in the appropriate data field in CC. Ie: temp probe 14 data plucked in temp field for id: 14.


Has there been progress in having the serial number of the probes physically identified on the probe itself ?

For example look at this picture

is the 031aa number identifying this probe as number 31?

If not, does this mean that in a 16 probes environment for example, the user would have to manually test each probe in order to determine which is which, and put a sticker on it for example?

If one orders 16 probes, is one assured to obtain probes 00 to 15? or it might be all over the place withing the 32 numbers supported?

For example obtaining probes 00 to 12 and the probe number 17 and then probe 31.

In ordering additional probes, how does one ensure that the new order does not provide a probe with the same serial number as one that is already installed?

I'm obviously missing something somewhere, I guess.....

Edit: maybe the serial number has nothing to do with a probe numbering scheme of 00 to 15 for example, and actually just a unique odd ball serial number unique to all probes, and CC is the one identifying it and electing to assign it as number 1 - 2 -3 ..etc..?
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With 16 probes, there will be basically 16 random DOW serial numbers from the sensors.

When the LCD module enumerates the DOW bus (at power-on), it will sort the probes by the serial number and puts them in a table. The software can access entries in the table, and use those to find out a sensor's serial number.

CC2 keeps track of the sensors by the DOW serial numbers.

You will need to go through an identification stage. You can use WinTest: plug in one sensor at a time and press the re-detect button, copy out the serial number. I think there is an equivalent method in CC2 also.