Temp. and Volt meter displays


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Let me just start out by saying I am completely new to this.

I was wondering if there were any microcontrollers available for the LCD modules to control/display simple inputs from sensors. Specifically what I want to try first is 2 temp. sensors and 1 Volt meter for a vehicle (10-15V range). I would like to be able to label each variable and display them on one LCD panel (most likely a 20x4). Eventually I MAY venture into relay operation (possibly via a 633). The only stipulation is that I DON'T want to put a full blown PC in my car.

I know that this is possible because I've seen it done on the competition circuit. I was hoping someone could steer me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.
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CF Mark

Use any microcontroller you like.

The HD44780 LCDs are designed for use with microcontrollers (not PCs).

The best way to choose what to use is to find out what is easily avaliable and cheap.
I like to use the Motorolla HC11's and Atmel AVRs. Mainly because they are easy to get, and also have free powerful compilers avaliable for them (mainly GCC).

PICs are quite popular, but ive heard horror stories about programming them so ive stayed clear.


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I've decided this project is more time consuming than I'm willing to invest. I'm putting an inquiry into CF about them building one. If anyone else is interested in building a prototype like this, email me and I will give you the definite details and criteria.