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Hi all.
I bought a Crystalfontz 16X2 LCD a couple of weeks ago. I've made software for it and would like to know what you think of it. This is what it does:

-Temperature monitoring, monitors any sensor that motherboard monitor picks up. you can set your own name for the sensors instead of temp1, temp2 and so on.
-CPU and memory load.
-HDD free space in percent, you can choose drives to monitor.
-System uptime
-Time and date
-New e-mail notification
-Backlight and contrast control
-Starts minimized in systray

Requires MS windows version 4 or above and motherboard monitor version 5.1 or above.

EDIT: removed incorrect download link, see new reply for the new link.
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I'd love to try the software. BUT

when you unzip the file it says "error missing 27 bytes in zip file" and won't open :(


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I'd love to try the software. BUT

when you unzip the file it says "error missing 27 bytes in zip file" and won't open :(


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This is SUPERB :)

well done!

Finally a program that works for me

Ghoast you are a SUPERSTAR

please don't stop developing for this, I'm more than happy to beta test for you




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ok a little update for Ghoast.

For me, the install wouldn't work. It kept telling me my files were out of date, and would require a reboot to take effect. (W2K SP2)

I did install it sorta, by copying the lcdstats zip to my program files, and running it from a shortcut.

Of course this means its not in Add/Rem programs in control panel.

All was good until I changed the drives it looked at (hd stats) to something like C: & G:

it kept reporting my drive usage was 56% on both.
no matter what drives i told it to look at.

Finally, now it will load briefly, then crash with a
"runtime error 6" overflow message :(

but it DID work for a little while, certainly long enough for me to see a lot of potential there.

please reply soon Ghoast.


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Good to hear that you liked it!

I'm going to add multiple e-mail account checking and the option to autostart the program with Windows in the next version, and maybe change the systray icon to a mail icon when there is new e-mails. Do you have any other ideas?


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About your problems:
I think you should install it properly and reboot. And try deleting the registry entries, they are located at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\LCDstats. You can do that from within the program. (if you get it to start)
Please try this and tell me if it works afterwards.

edit:How big are your drives?
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clearing the registry out made it work again :)

I'll retry the install, but I think its going to keep telling me to reboot, over and over like before :(

in terms of functionality, apart from the hard disk stuff, its all working and picking up mbm5 settings fine.

I have my disks partitioned in roughly 10 gigs each partition


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new version

i will shortly post a new version with some bugfixes and a new installer and some other enhancements, thanks a lot to TechGuy for the feedback and testing.


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When Ghoast releases the new version I strongly recommend to everyone they try it.

It needs no other files, no weird messing around with drivers or "putting stuff" into windows dirs.

As some may know, I had a load of bother getting ANY software to work with my LCD.
Well this worked, first time "out of the box" and its cool :)

It's designed for a 632 LCd, although I don't see why it wouldn't work on a 634 too.

Ghoast, once again good work!


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I've finished the new version. This is what changed:

-fixed HDD stats bug reported by TechGuyOne
-added network stats
-systray icon now changes into a mail icon when LCDstats detects new e-mail
-readme file added
-Installshield Installer


I made two different setup packages, one with Windows Installer Engine included (3.7MB) and one without it (862KB).

Installer with Windows Installer Enginge:

Installer without Windows Installer Engine:

Feedback is greatly appreciated.


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I tested your program and its really fine. Only one installation and it run.
I use it with a 20x4 Display from Crystalfontz.
Will you make a version for 634 displays with using four lines?

Sorry for my bad english. :)

Greetz from Germany



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No i will not make a version for 20X4 CF LCDs, but i will post a link to the source code (visual basic 6) for the program once i have fixed some bugs. Changing it to display 20 character wide lines instead of 16 is very easy, but using all four lines will take a little more time to do.
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Hey Ghoast. I've had my Crystal Fontz laying around here for the last three months after buying it as a gadget and having problems getting it running. Found it in a box today and had a look back here and found your thread and I have to say WOW!!!

This app is amazing. I actually don't see me ever needing to download another one as this one does all that I need straight out of the box and even has its own installer. You're one clever person and I only wish I knew where to start to do something like this.

Some feedback for you is that I have it running on Windows XP Pro and everything is fine apart from the CPU useage. That is displaying as 0 although I suspect that's an MBM problem so I'll look into that. I also received an error during the install saying that one of the api.dll's (I think??) was in use. I shut everything down and also restarted and it still said the same but I eventually ignored it and it seems to be OK (unless that is what's causing the CPU Useage problem)

I can only say thanks very much for putting your time into this and good luck with whatever you do in the future.


p.s your English is excellent as well judging by the Readme file ;)
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I downloaded this software adn I really like it..however..I am having trouble with the email part of it. I test the email and everything works has a little box that pops up and says that I have no message..but the LCD starts flashing that I do have new mail...but I don't. I don't know what is going always says I have new there something wrong with it??


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Just think that you may want to add support for Dual Processors. Those of us hat have them only get Processor 1 Displayed