(Teamspeak) for all you CC2 beta gurus


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Something to think about....

If you play online games then you know there is a very useful tool out there called Teamspeak. It lets you use real time voice communication over an IP address that lets you speak to other players in your game for squads and guilds or just two people. There are other voice progs as well but I'll just mention this one for now.

Problem is that for full screen games there's no way to [see] who is talking via the TS interface screen. They have custom programs that work with TS and display the speaker's nick on screen and in the game but that eats up valuble system memeory and frame rates.

I think that for Crstalfontz LCD this could be one of THE most useful applications you could possibly use. The LCD would show who was speaking et al and would not use up any game resouces and you could also show the channel name and whatever info you want to see on the display as well as the voice nicks.

Just something to think about.... the info is already out there for Teamspeak and Ventrilo etc but if anyone wants me to dig deeper I'll try.


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I'm using Gamevoice and would like the same information displayed on my 634.
Hope that somone can help.

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Its a good idea guys.
While CC2 itself is under heavy development (it will be for quite a while after first public release), there wont be many major plugins being created.
But this will definatley go on my plugins to make list.