TAB Solder side?


New member
I have a few of the CFAX12864C-NGH I'm incorporating into a design, and would like to know if the tab can be effectively soldered on both sides.

On side has the pads clearly on the lower surface of the flex, however the chip on the flex is on the same side (levers flex off board). The other side has the thickness of the flex between the pads and the board, and the prefer side for construction.

Can you 'effectively' solder on both sides?
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CF Tech

I have a hand soldered the tab on both sides. I think that it is intended to be soldered with the chip away from the board so that the chip does not lever the tab away. However, I cannot see a reason that it could not be soldered from either side. If you were doing a production build, I would suggest making an oblong hole in the PCB that would clear the chip and allow the tab to lay flat on the PCB.