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support for Speedfan


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I just ordered the 631 LCD. I haven't downloaded the CC1 software, but I haven't seen any mention of Speedfan support (plugin). Is there anyway to get a plugin for this program. I am hesitant to install both MBM and Speedfan as I use Speedfan to regulate the fans in my Shuttle and ultimately its wellbeing. I know a number of people who are purchasing the 631 units for their shuttles and many use Speedfan to control temps.

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CF Mark

I didnt know about Speedfan, looks like quite a nice utility.

I doubt wether i would be able to support it properly under CC1.

But itll definitely be on my list of plugins to make for CC2.


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thanks for the response. Just to check as I am new to all of this, but is there a timeline for CC2 (however loose)?