Support for 633 Buttons


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Is 2.0 of CC going to provide a way to use the buttons on a 633 display?

I originally bought the display after seeing it on a mini-itx project system. I didn't really do enough research at that time (my fault) and didn't realize that your software does not support the buttons. Unless I'm wrong?

Will there be support for the buttons in CC 2.0? If not, I could really use some help with the necessary code to make them work. I've been trying to avoid writing my own custom control software for my car PC (lazy!) and that's what drew me to the 633.

If there is no planned support for the buttons, then can someone point me to some software that will support them, or cc me on some source code for VB to make it possible myself.

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I was about to post the same question because i would like to use my buttons to scroll through the different screensright now i have them on auto scroll and i always look up when its on the screen i dont want to see.

CF Mark

Using the 633-Service and CrystalControl V1.xx will allow the use of the buttons for brightness and screen control....