Sunplus SPLC780D vs Sitronix ST7066U controller

Steven Marshall

New member
I've read on this forum that some users had compatibility issues with ST7066U. So right now i'm not sure which one to purchase - Sunplus or the Sitronix based LCD module.

Reason for being worried is that i have electronic device from 1988 (Roland sequencer) that uses HD44780 based LCD (Sharp 20256B LCD). I've purchased one LCD based on KS0066 to find out it doesn't work with my device. Although the pins are 100% identical and i've checked the contrast thing, the characters won't come up as if the LCD hasn't been initialized. (When i switch back to original LCD, all works, so contacts are ok.)

-- So which one (Sunplus or Sitronix) is more closer to original HD44780 ?

I assume i need to get as close a possible to HD44780 with compatibility, particularly initialization routine and the timing.

Any help appreciated!
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CF Support2

The incompatibility issues were related to timing in the start up. The Sunplus controller was able to have some tighter timings. If the module you are replacing is based on an HD44780 - the Sitronix based modules should not be an issue.