Suggestions for next version..


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This was a very nice suprise, and the program is well written.

Ony problem I've encountered so far is the gamestats problems as above. And I haven't found a way to disable a screen when its alternating.

As far as future suggestions:

User name (logged in as)
User group

User login time
Computer name
Screen Resolution

CPU Model,Speed, multiplier & generation
FSB, AGP speeds
Video card speed/ram speed

News Headlines

Local Weather Information

ICQ status
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Couple more...

- Being able to change the delay time between alternating screens

- IP address

other than that it rocks, looking forward to using it on an actual LCD :)


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You can change alternating times if you go into the configuration of each screen, it's the slide on the bottom.


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I'm OK with this, it is a REALLY good software...
But there are some things that could be improved:
-Display of computer's IP adress
-Make the frags/ping/death work for gamestats (for now there is an error....)
-Display available space on hdd
-Would it be possible to get stats of a player without having to enter server's adress? I mean that for exemple Crystal control would see if there is any game running on the computer (quake3, cs...) and would display the stats of the player that is playing.

I think with all this it would be the PERFECT LCD Software (for me), and right now I use it instead of lcd center!
Please try making all this work :)

CF Mark

Hi guys,

The game stats problem.... is not really a problem at all. Check the information window for the deaths and ping game information in the screen config window.

If using Win9x the HDD space information is easily seen in the "Avaliable Information" tree window.
If used NT, HDD info is under "Performance Info -> LogicalDisk"

As for the rest... ill look into them.
I cant see the performance information happening any time soon though :(
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