Suggestions And Questions


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Couple of suggestions.......

1. Get the software page a link on the main page.

2. Headlines and Weather (its a stretch i know)

3. Bandwidth meter for my 56k modem :)

4. Spectrum Analyzer for Winamp (little bouncy bars)

5. A way to have text scroll up instead of to the side.

And once again I am so in love with this software. It is by far the best software ever made for any LCD. I am now tempted to buy another LCD just so i can check to see how well it works with 2 different LCD's running at the same time. The impression i get is that the software only supports 2 different LCD's right now. Is this true? Will there be support for Parallel LCD's? How many LCD's can the software support? Are they paying you enough? You just made their sales go way up im sure of it.
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I have a few things I would like to see added.

1.) I have been using LCDStats for a while now..and what I like about it is when you get a new email it will stop all of the other display stuff for the LCD and display only that you have a new email, I like that and would like to see that added. I think it would be better than having to wait to go through all the screens to see if I have any mail.

2.) I wish you could justify the lines, you have the option for center but I like it when the lines are filled up perfectly.

3.) Maybe it would be good if there would be an option to have multiple email account setups.

4.) You have seti on here, I would like to see folding@home added..that would be great.

That is all I can think of..but other than that..this software is great.