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Hello crystalfontz guy,

I'm been wanting to get an LCD display for one of my drive bay. After reading many posts about them, I'm still not sure what components I should get and how to get the LCD works. ^_^

I'm totally blind in electrical and computer stuff. So I prefer not to get involved with soldering and other electrical stuff. I'm thinking in getting your 632 combo set (SKD162632SGLG + bracket + cables). But I still have some questions need to be answered. Here they are:

01. If I get this 632 combo set, do I need to do any soldering or reading some electrical diagrams? I prefer to get everything done since I'm totally clueless about electrical stuff.

02. Am I correct that if I buy the 632 combo set, all I need to do is install the bracket in an empty drive bay, connect the serial cable and run the software to make it work?

03. I understand that this 632 is a serial LCD and needs to be connected to the serial port on the back of my computer. And the easiest way is to get a blank plate from the back dremelled to allow the serial cable to go outside the computer case.

Can I buy this dremelled blank plate from you? If so, how much?

04. Is there any way to make this 632 LCD to show an MP3 title being played? Which software could do that?

05. Can the backlight burn out? If so, what's the expected life of the backlight?

Thanks in advance for your help. :)

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I do not work here but i will tell u my experience, as long as u get the serial LCD, then u will have to connect the lcd via serial cable. You will also get a power adapter for i, if i get the backlit version
Also, thmounting is very easy with the drive bay adapter. As for the back plate needing to be but, i dont think Crystalfontz sells these, but if u ship me you blank plate i would have no problem dremeling it. For the software for MP3's i stuggest a program called LCDProc. Its what i use, it has a winamp plug-in. ALso, i DO NOT no the estimated time for the backlite life. Ive had mine over 2 years.

Hope this could answer u questions.

If u need anything email me



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If you get a backlighted LCD you will have to solder the power connector to the board.

If you have a dremel to mod the case bracket, just take one that you have and cut about 1-1/2 inches off the bottom with a normal hack saw. Smooth the edge with a file or sand paper. Now the cable can fit underneath the case bracket when you have it screwed into the case.

As far as software, you can get LCDriver from here and he has several links to other software sites on his site.

I use LCDriver for my 632 and Ultimate Center for my 634. Both work great and support Winamp, MBM, text, usage, etc...

Good Luck


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Hello guys,

Thanks for replying to my newbie post. I really appreciate it. ^_^

For MTP:
Since you're using the 632, could I ask you some more questions? ^_^
01. If I buy this combo set (, do I need to get anything else? I can find a friend that will dremel the back plate for the serial cable.
02. The combo set I'm talking about, is it a backlighted LCD? I'm not so sure about it. Could you tell me if it is a backlighted LCD?
03. You said that I will have to solder the power connector to the board. Is there any instruction for this?
04. Can I use this 632 combo kit to display a scrolling mp3 titles? Or is it just for a special message?

And here're the steps that I think I should do to get this LCD combo work for my computer. Correct me if I'm wrong, please:
01. Buy the LCD combo kit from crystalfontz.
02. Solder the power connector to the board since the combo is backlighted LCD.
03. Put the LCD and the drive bay kit on an empty bay and connect the serial cable from the back to LCD to the serial connector on the motherboard.
04. Download the program like LCDriver.

Am I missing something here? Thanks in advance guys. :)



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Your link was empty :(
However Crystralfontz doesnt sell a 632 kit using the reflective 632 only backlighted 632 LCDs. The LCD part number will have GLG as the last 3 digits.

Instructions on soldering the power connector, yes and no. There is a simple write up sheet for the 632 that mentions if you have a backlighted LCD you must connect power to 5V(LED) and ground on the side connector. However they dont tell you "how to solder". The power cable that crystalfontz supplies comes with a 3 prong jack the fits into the 5VLED ,5VLCD, and GROUND positions on the connector. You only have to solder the Ground pin and 5vLED pin into place (however it will not hurt anything if you solder all 3). The power cable then plugs into the jack you just soldered on and the other end goes in a spare power jack off your computer p/s.

Yes you can use the 632 to display a scrolling Winamp. The plugin software makes the title, artist, track# (or what info is on the mp3 file) scroll along the bottom, and gives you some options of "equalizer" effects along the top. Really top notch if you want my opinion.

I use Ultimate Center for the 634 olny because it lets me show MBM info, cpu & ram usage, text display, and allot of other options but it flashes between all the differnt info screens where as LCDrvier will only show one at time (you must stop and start each one). Not a problem just I like the mulitple info screens. Ultimate Center only works on 4 line LCDs. (it does work on the 2 line LCD but cuts off the bottom 2 lines of info)

Glad to be of little help. I very new to LCDs myself, just got mine in after x-mas :D


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Hello MTP,

Wow, I didn't expect to get a reply this soon. Thanks a lot. :D

Sorry for the empty link. Here's the desrirption of the combo kit:
Package: SKD162632SGLG plus Bracket kit
Price = $65

So I guess that one has a backlighted LCD, right?

As long as there's an instruction, I can ask my friend to help me out. I've been wanting to have a scrolling LCD screen that can display mp3 info. I'm really excited. ^_^



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Crystafontz: " If this cable is ordered at the same time as the serial LCD, we will solder the connector to the LCD so you only have to plug things together."
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Thats a big negative there mp3commander. I just got my 632 and a 634 with 2 poewr cables, 2 USB to serial cables and a 632 bracket. Neither had the power connector pre-soldered onto the LCD.

Not that is was a big deal as I have a mini solder station in the garage, but if they say it is suppose to be soldered than my order must have slipped through the cracks.

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You could order a reflective 632 with a bracket kit, but there would be some empty space between the front of the display and the bracket, which may make the display harder to read if it is at an angle.

We certainly strive to solder the cables on if they are ordered at the same time, because lots of people do not have an iron handy. Your order must have been missed.

Here is a working link to a loaded cart:

(you just put a list of comma delimited part numbers & quantities)


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Hey crytalfontz guy, thanks for your post. :D

The link to the backlighted LCD you posted is the same as the LCD in the combo kit right?

The combo kit says it includes:

So the first part is the same as the link to the backlighted LCD you posted, right???

If I buy this combo, that means I'll get the Kit plus the backlighted LCD with everything soldered already? All I need to do is to intall the kit on an empty drive bay and plug in the serial cable, and install the LCD software. Am I missing something here?




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Like I said it wasn't a problem and I'm not complaining about it, just pointing out that my stuff (which was all on the same order # 123101c0008) wasn't pre-soldered and I was trying to help out mcmlxxv.

the only complaint I have is you guys dont offer a BLACK 634 bracket kit :mad:
Means I'll have to order a white one and figure out how to paint it without screwing up the clear lens on it.

CF Tech

the only complaint I have is you guys dont offer a BLACK 634 bracket kit :mad:
No need to complain...

Your requests are granted -- the 634 black (with CF logo) bracket overlays are currently on order! :D

We will post their arrival in the Announcements forum when they are in stock -- 2-4 weeks from now.

Thank you for your suggestions. Keep them coming. ;)