Stand-alone case for CFA-635 USB LCD?


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In addition to the 5.25" half-height drive-bay mounting bracket, do you offer, or plan to offer, a stand-alone case (box) for the CFA-635 USB LCD product that could make this product usable for laptop PCs?
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CF Tech


There is the XE series (but no buttons).

Some people put a CFA-635 into an external CDROM case, but unless you cut it down, it would be quite clunky.


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I added mine to an external cd rom case. Drilled a hole in the side for the cables, then inserted a usb harddrive in the rear (painful). The built in fan takes care of cooling and the drive is switched on/off independantly of the LCD module. It looks pretty damn good and is extremely useful and effective. Hope some of this helps in your decisions.