Stand alone applications?


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I have seen many posts on these forums about these LCD displays driven from a PC's serial or USB port. However, I have been unable to find any serious discussion on using them in smaller devices.

We are trying to determine the feasibility of constructing a small USB device, consisting of an LCD panel, a small microcontroller, 4 or 6 buttons and a battery. The device would need to be self contained, and would hopefully have a long enough battery life to be used for a couple of days.
Can anyone tell me which LCDs would be most suitable for this type of application? I expect that the primary concerns would be size, and the power required for the display.

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I designed a CFAX12864AP-TFH into a small handheld scanner. It runs for a week on a 900MaH LiIon cell (4.2V). Uses a 68HC912B32 cpu, has 4 buttons, but no USB or external comm.