Sourcing power from the USB connector on the 633


New member
I have the 633 USB LCD, and after reading the data sheet I saw that I could power the device through the RS-232 port with 12VDC and 5VDC. However I have the USB version which has a secondary board and only 5VDC input. Will I be able to power the logic and the backlight from the 5V or does it need power from the PWR connector?
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CF Support

You can supply power over the CFA-633 module's 10-pin connector for the serial version. That is not to say that the power is present from the serial port, but that you can bring power in on those pins.

For the USB version, this is not the case. Either way you will still need to supply +5v and +12v to the LCD, the only difference is in where the connections are made to the LCD.