Some Pre-Purchase Questions


New member
I am going to purchase a serial LCD from Crystalfontz in the near future. My question is as to which one to get.

I have one 5.25 drive by open, or will in my new case, and I was looking at the 634 20x4 displays, the negative one to be exact.

Now there is a case mounting bracket with this one and it says in a few places that it will take up one 5.25 drive bay, but the pictures look like the mount kit takes up 2 5.25 bays.

If the mount takes up two i cannot get it.

"Mounts a backlit 634 display in a PCs full-height 5 1/4 drive bay "

but the images look like its in 2 drive bays, are there new brackets/pictures of you fitting a 4 line in a 5 1/4?

If it wont fit I guess I will have to get a 20x2, but I'd really like to try and fit a 20x4 in a 5 1/4 bay.
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