Some general LCD/OLED programming questions from a newbie...


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I'm experienced in embedded programming but new to the world of LCD and OLED programming and before I dive in and start actually writing code I'm wondering a few things:

* What's the expected level of programming difficulty in interfacing with a LCD driver chip? (In this case SSD2119 or LGDP4216 interfaced with a PIC using C.) What I'm really wanting to know is do people typically roll their own code or just purchase third party libraries to interface with LCDs? (I suppose the answer to both of these could very well be, "it depends.") It looks like you typically set up communication between the processor and driver and paint each pixel using the appropriate driver commands and LCD memory locations. Animation may prove trickier, though...

* Are LCD/OLED driver chips typically similar from a programming standpoint? What I mean is that if I write code to interface with manufacturer X's driver chip how much of that code (if any) will be reusable for manufacturer Y's driver chip? Some of the 3rd party libs look to be compatible with a wide array of different driver chips, which leads me to believe the answer is "yes" but I don't really know.

* Are there any tips or informational resources that anyone can recommend to someone getting started? I've read the relevant datasheets and looked at the code examples on the Crystalfontz website, which was very helpful. But any additional information would be greatly appreciated.

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