Smallest size LCD


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I am new to this technology so I would very much appreciate any advice I could get from posting this question.

I'm wondering how small it is possible to make a LCD? I am considering undertaking a project that would involve displays of about 1.5cm (roughly half an inch I guess) square. Is this possible and indeed at all financially viable? Also would each display require its own controlling circuitry or could many be controlled by a single PCB or whatever is necessary. I have characters in mind to be displayed but I am also interested in graphical displays as a possibility too.

Thank you for your help and time with this matter,
John Roblin.
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CF Tech

Small LCDs are certainly possible, look at the $3 watches in the checkout of Wal-Mart :)

What would you want (character, segemnts, graphics) within that 1/2" x 1/2" area?

The minimum order quantity on an LCD like that is going to be big though (maybe 10K pieces).