smallest LCD module


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i'm a newbie to this group. I'm looking for smalleststandard LCD module available with following features
1.8*2 or 8*1 dot matrix display
2.Operating voltage is 3.3V or 5V
3.Operating temperature is 0 to 50 deg.c
4.With backlighting(blue color is preferred)
5.Parallel interface of LCD driver to Processing unit microcontroller
6.COG or COB(COG is preferred)
7.FPC termination is preferred.


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hi, im new about lcd's,

i m triyng to find an lcd which oparetes at 3.3 volt(8x2 or 8x1 character as far as possible smallest), or can you suggest me a solution, in my system i have 3.6 V lithium battery and power consumption is critical. thank you
Keep in mind that the LCD voltage (not the logic voltage) for common character displays is about 4.5 volts, so if you can find a display that has a 3.3 volt logic supply, you will need a negative supply of a volt or two in order to get enough contrast.