small LCD graphic


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I passed a long time to find the lcd module for our project, and unfortunately I didn't find it.

I'm looking for a graphic LCD with a small outline dimensions.

Outline dimension required : 140X40 mm Maximum

And a minimum resolution (>160X64)

Color or monochrome would be great...

We don't look for a custom solution.

AnyBody can help us...

Also, the LCD should be the lowest price as possible.

Best regards

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Small LCD

Optrex seems a good one for the resolution...

Is there other one with more resolution? Hum... 240X64?

Aligned 2 DMF-51026-NY-LY could be great... 2X63mm = 126 mm!! But it's not what we're looking for.

140 X 40 mm is the maximum ... better the resolution is, greater the quantity of information can be displayed.