Single LCD on "Twin" Server System?


New member
Does anyone know of a way to use a single LCD to configure/control dual systems in a single chassis? These are often called "twin" systems as they house two independent server boards in a single unit, with either shared single or dual power supply.


Not sure if there is some sort of way to cycle between both boards on a single USB LCD.

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CF Support2

The CFA735 family supports simultaneous USB and Serial interfaces. It would be able to have each system talk to it - but it would be up to the host system to indicated which system is talking to the display. Also, the CFA735 would send it's command out both interfaces. Internally, it would not know which host to send to.

Looking at the chassis, the CFA735 does not appear to be an option based on the configuration. You'd need to use a CFA631 and use it one of the removable drive bays. The CFA631 supports one USB or optionally a serial interface.

To really talk to two systems, there would need to be something in between that would direct the traffic to the appropriate host system. This could be something as simple as a "USB switch" to incorporating a small host like our CFA10036.