Shipping 632's to the UK


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How much would it cost (in total) for you to send a 632 (full kit) to the UK?

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Yep quite a few of us in the UK are interested in these
displays it would be nice to get a complete total cost
in £ if poss also for the 634 would be nice:)

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Try lookin at the prices web page they have the price for 10+ units :D And the delivery page has prices of delivery :D
U boys are from OcUk I bet hehe :)

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Shipping to UK cost calculation

Hi All -

Thanks for your interest in our displays and for posting your questions here.

To calculate shipping costs to the UK, please see the shipping page at:

Working with FedEx, we will be able to offer International Priority® at unbeatable rates! FedEx will be our primary carrier for international (and domestic) shipping options. For most areas in the UK, this will be about $26.00 for shipping. Details will be on the site in one to two days.

The complete 632 kit package (SKD162632SGLG) is $65.00, so the total for the kit and shipping to the UK would be ~$80 at this time.

We currently don't have a quantity price break on the SKD162632SGLG, but please email us if you are interested in a quantity purchase on this item.

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European Shipping

I'm an English guy marooned in the Netherlands- I've bought 2 632's direct from Crystalfontz and I have to say that the service is superb, so don't worry, just order and install a great piece of kit !