Seti problem...


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Hi I LOOOOVE this program... I used LCDCenter before until a friend told me about this program.. I have always wanted to be able to control the Scroll speed and now i can thanks to you =) But I have a problem with the Seti plugin.. It onlys says [E16] what does it mean?

Keep up the good work...
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CF Mark

From errorlist.txt which comes with CC:

10 - Data insertion string is not valid.
11 - Program needed for data is not running.
12 - Win9x Data Only.
13 - WinNT/2k/XP Data Only.
14 - LCD Not Capable Of This Effect.
15 - Perfmon Data Not Valid.
16 - Program Location Not Valid
17 - Game Server Error
18 - Player could not be found
19 - Email server could not be reached
20 - Email user or password was not valid
21 - Unknown Email problem

So im guessing you havnt set the location of Seti?


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I have set the location of seti but it only displays E16... c:\program\seti@home is the path... But I´m not sure but it isnt impossible that it is a newer version of Seti I use...

CF Mark


I havnt tested the seti code since i first wrote it quite a while ago. So it is possible a new versoin could be effecting it.

Ill add it to my to-do list.