New member
Is there already a possibility that seti@home run with CC ??

if should I proceed ?

WinXP Prof
Seti@Home Client ver. 3.07
CC 1.00

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CF Mark

In the settings window (where the timing slider bars are) there will be a box at the bottom to specify seti@home location.

Then in the screen setting window, in the tags listing tree will be a seti@home item with avaliable information to display listed under it. Insert those ~tags~ onto the LCD like normal.

It should then work.

Willem Nijhuis

New member

I have win xp pro and seti command line interface V3.03
Setidriver and setispy running !!

CC is not working white the seti options!! :-(

I set the correct seti location but cant read the .sah files i think..

I reinstall the seti software but no luck !!!

is there solution to the probleem or is this a known bug !!???

Sorry for the poor Engl.

grtz Willem Nijhuis