SETI@HOME 3.0.7 for Windows [E16] problem


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I see that others have had problems with SETI@home showing [E16], even if both CrystalControl and the registry has the correct path to the SETI catalogue.

Currently I'm just using the software without a display - but man is the software reason enough to buy an LCD!

The SETI-module does not work - I'm using Windows XP and SETI version 3.0.7. And yes - even if the two required .sah files are present in the catalogue entered in CC/Registry, I still get [E16]

Maybe the file format has changed?

I even tried to copy the SETI catalogue to "C:\SETI" to see if the drive and "@" was a problem, but to no avail.

So is there any news on this?

P.S. I'm using Norwegian XP - but surely, that can't pose a problem?

P.P.S. Three suggestions for future versions of the program:
1) Make it possible to switch the contents of the lines without cutting and pasting.
2) Make it possible to select an inserted string, and change its parameters, without having to look it up again - it's a tedious task.
3) KB/MB per second for NIC I/O would have been nice.
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CF Mark

Looks like ill be reinstalling seti again.
Actually, can you email all your .sah files?
Would make things much easier.

NIC IO speeds are avaliable under "Performance Info".
Although, it might depen on what OS your running.

CF Mark

Sorry... can you email them to

I have no idea who gets the idea from that address... its not me.


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Finally - the files are sent.

There - the files are finally sent to the correct address.

Hope you get something out of them.


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Any progress with SETI?

Well - I haven't heard or seen anything, so I'll leave it to the guys at Crystalfontz to make a statement.

I'd forgotten all about this, in fact - it's been so long.

Haven't gotten myself a display yet - shame on me! Still use the software, though - no SETI stats yet...

So anything new, CrystalControl Admin?

CF Mark

As ive said in other posts ive stopped working on CrystalControl V1.xx.

Ill look at the Seti problems when it comes time to support it under CC2.