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I am using Seti Driver to run Seti jobs. Would CC be able to extract the data from Seti Driver's directory structure and display them on the LCD? How does CC get the total work units and rank information? Thanks.
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CF Mark

I have no idea what Seti driver is, or what Seti jobs are... Can you explain more?

The Seti@Home support thats currently in CC gets its information from the .SAH files in the Seti directory.


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Seti driver is basically a Windows dialog based manager for processing and caching SETI@Home work units. It runs the command line version of SETI and create/manage a number (determine by the user) of SETI jobs via a bunch of directory which it uses to dump/update sah files.

You can get more information from this web site;

Seti driver (and a few other Seti caching programs) is very popular among the Seti participants.



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If you click the "Use SetiSpy" checkbox in Seti Driver, it will copy the *.sah files from whichever cache directory into the main S@H directory.

This enables you to point a program such as SetiSpy or, I would think, CC at those copies of the files. This also works for any of the apps which generate e-mail sigs based on your current stats or upload the data to a database (my usage).