Server stats question...

Free Bagel

New member
Hey, I'm in the market for a new LCD for my case.

Would it be possible, using a Crystalfontz LCD and CC software, to make a screen display on my LCD that shows how many players are playing in my Tribes 2 server when I am NOT connected to it (keeping in mind that the server is hosted by a different company)?

Also, would it display my in-game stats (kills/deaths), etc, in a game such as Tribes 2?

Lastly, could I set it to show other people's stats playing in my server?
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CF Mark

Sorry, Tribes2 isnt supported by CrystalControl.
I couldnt find enough information on its packet structures to support it.

Feel free to download CrystalControl and try the software.
It has the "Simulated LCD" option to allow testing without having a LCD connected.