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I see that the crystalcontrol has UT server info support... does this work with all of the UT's (2003, 2004) or just the original? And similar for HL... does it also support HL mods (CS, etc) or just the original?
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CF Mark

It should work with any HL mod, since the server info doesnt change.

Im not sure about UT2003/2004... try it :)


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UT2004 Support

It's doesn't appear to work with UT2004. :(

Here's this info:
log file is system/ut2004.log

a map load looks like :
Log: Bringing Level ONS-CBP2-Tropica.myLevel up for play (90) appSeconds: 308.102000...

connect to server:
Log: Browse:

If there was a way to send information to crystalcontrol I could parse this out in a program and send it myself. Failing that perhaps you could add the support natively.