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I'm looking for a fairly basic application, but I haven't found it in the forums. I have a variety of headless Linux servers. I've looked at the various drive bay kits with interest. What I need is a safe way to shut down or restart the server. I don't want just another power or reset switch. I need something that will act as a console with a few canned command strings that will, in essence, log in as root and issue the appropriate shutdown command. A way to enter a basic password would also be desirable. Is this doable with this equipment? Remember, this is for Linux, not Windows.

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Yes, this is do-able and pretty much what I want to achieve with my software. See this thread for details.

Also try looking on the web for LCDproc or lcd4linux, although I'm not sure of their keypad support. Try also looking at this thread for further LCDproc info.



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You could send an email to sales (at) lcdintegration (dot) com.

We have got code for linux that could easily be adapted to your application.

Please forgive the sales post.