serial vs usb


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The serial is roughly the same price as usb,
so which one should i go for.

Which is better and for what reasons.


CRYSTALFONTZ, I"m hoping for a fast response so i can place my order asap.

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CF Tech

For a PC the blue USB (CFA634-TMC-KU) is a pretty popular choice. Be sure to get the USB cable too (WRUSBY03).


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That's the one I bought and am pretty happy with it.

I will say the white lettering on blue background can be tough to read sometimes.

Do you know when the hybernation problem with XP and USB 634 will be corrected?



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USB is the better choice as compared to the Serial model because you get all the same features in both models but the USB's data AND power are handled through just one USB cable. The Serial model requires two connections; one for data to an RS232 port and one for power. I have the USB and was ever-so-happy at how fast I got up and running. Just install the drivers, plug it in, install an LCD control software like CrystalControl and your all set.

Good luck and enjoy your LCD.



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This may be a little off topic, but I was just wondering if the 632 USB has a model with a blue background and white lettering like the 634?