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I'm considering buying a 634.

Are there any advantages to buying the Serial model rather than the USB model?

Are they both as easy to set-up and program?
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I think the only advantage is if you have a serial port you don't need AND you can't spare any USB ports.

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Nope. The USB versions have a small USB <=> serial converter and power control PCB. It is outlined below:

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But if i order a usb version is it posibble then to use the serial connection when i am not using the usb connection.


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Is it possible to remove the usb add on when i want to use de serial interface ?

Or is it fixed to the display ?


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I think the Serial interface would be better when using the display with programs that use the serial version like the MP3 add on under software and links.

However, I would prefer the USB connection because you can have more USB Connections then you can have serial connections(with additional cards). Also by using USB it would be easier to make an external unit that you could mount anywhere.

I think I am going to go with serial. So it could be more compatible with third party apps and Visual Basic.

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The USB acts 100% the same as a serial display.

To windows software, the USB display is a serial display.
Any software that works with a serial 634/632 will work with a USB 634/632.