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Hi all,

I'm building a home server and my board has both USB and Serial headers. I'll be running a baremetal hypervisor (most likely vSphere ESXi) and run various VMs (both Windows, Linux, etc).

I'd like to know if I should go serial or USB. Also, I'd like to futureproof the usage of the LCD panel as much as possible even if it might seem a moot point (there will always be adapters and whatnot).


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While I've used Serial (I assume you're referring to async serial) for projects for a couple dozen years, it is almost obsolete nowadays. Serial may have a niche use or two, but I think USB is the standard now. I guess this is not news to anyone, but since you wanted input, here ya go.

If you have both, then you can use both.
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Thank you.

Since LCDs are, effectively, low power, low throughtput devices, a serial connection is all it's needed. No drivers involved too. And less CPU cycles involved in the process (even if a few). That's why I asked. Mind you, my new (server) motherboard (latest Intel Xeon Scalable build), still has two of these legacy ports.

I guess USB is the way to go moving forward.
I completely agree on the advantages of async serial for 'smart' character displays with low throughput. I currently run a serial port to receive a GPS data stream which controls my system time on the LAN.

I'd be inclined to use rs-232 for a display, myself, if my mobo offered it (which it does). Just tossing out opinions here.